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08 May 2007 @ 07:53 pm
Week 9: "Monochrome" & "Image" - Submission  
This week we have two themes: "Monochrome" & "Image".

For the first theme, you can use any image you want as long as the icon is black & white. However, you can color it a little bit, like this (both made by me, chibichan):

For the second theme, you have to make an icon using the image behind the cut. Anything is fine. ^^

This time you will be given 2 weeks to submit icons. =D

-Comment to this post with submissions (comments will be screened).
-You may submit up to 3 icons.
-All icons must be within LJ standards (100x100px & 40kb).
-More rules & info here.

Deadline: Saturday, May 19th.